Rental Family

Henry Sahakyan, a successful, eccentric, and wealthy businessman, relocated to Paris with his family in the 90s following his psychologist’s advice. Despite his success, Henry struggles with forming meaningful connections, a problem his psychologist attributes to childhood traumas. Seeking to confront his past, Henry returns to Armenia and his childhood home, only to find it occupied by another family.

Intrigued by the family and driven by a longing for the familial bond he lost, Henry proposes an unusual arrangement: he offers to hire the family, hoping to recreate and heal his childhood memories. Initially hesitant, the family agrees after learning about the substantial financial benefits.

Henry immerses himself in the family’s life, scripting and reliving moments from his past. This arrangement continues smoothly until the family’s eldest daughter returns home. Strongly opposed to her family’s agreement with Henry, she nonetheless forms a complex romantic relationship with him.

The series culminates on New Year’s Eve, marked by a dramatic turn when Henry proposes to the daughter, bringing their unconventional relationship and his journey of healing to a pivotal climax.