The Mountains Will Remember

Mher comes from a lineage of winemakers, his heart tethered to the mountains despite his familial ties to the vineyards. His passion for mountaineering runs deep, fostered from a young age alongside his close friend Adam, a bond they pass down to their children.

Although Mher deeply loves his wife, Shogher, he discovers his true calling on the mountain and is captivated by another, Sofa. Determined to pursue his newfound love, Mher resolves to divorce Shogher and leave the country with Sofa, fully aware of his family’s disapproval. However, fate intervenes when Mher pays a steep price for forging a new life with his beloved.

In life’s unpredictable journey, Mher and Adam, once inseparable on the mountains, find themselves torn apart. Yet, the mountains continue to bind their children together, forging an unbreakable bond. As the next generation navigates life’s twists and turns, they must confront the mistakes of their fathers and find their own paths amidst the rugged peaks.

Director: Gahar Arshakyan

Scriptwriter: Anahit Mkhitaryan

Producer: Yelena Arshakyan