Director: Zaven Poghosyan

Scriptwriter: Anahit Mkhitaryan

Producer: Yelena Arshakyan

Love Never Forgets

At the core of this TV show lies a love story doomed from its inception by circumstance. Seda falls deeply in love with Areg, unaware that he is the former fiancé of her cousin.

Despite their profound love, Areg and Seda find themselves unable to overcome the resistance of those around them, including family members and their own inner struggles. Love, however, persists, refusing to extinguish in the hearts of Seda and Areg.

Though separated, the distance only serves to deepen their realization that they cannot live without one another. Thus begins a journey they will pay dearly for, as they fight against the odds to reunite and reclaim the love that fate seems determined to keep apart.