Boys of our district

In one of the districts of Yerevan, on one of the streets, several families live, like relatives. Children go to the same school, are close friends in the yard, and parents, don’t even sit at the dinner table without each other.

The friendship has connected them so much that they can be held accountable for each other’s sins, crimes and mistakes and never think about being indebted.

But there are crimes that cost so much that your own life will not be enough to pay it off completely.

Raf who has the purest idea about the friendship, takes upon himself the guilt of his friend’s crime, and pays with his life, family and freedom; losing the girl he loved and the best years of his life. One day friends meet again, in their district, on the same street and they receive a new opportunity to prove what’s the real price of their friendship. Raf took the responsibility for his friend’s crime, what would his friend do in his turn.