Bolola 2

Police Colonel Aram Tatevyan suffers a heart attack due to the realization that his wife and daughters have kept many secrets from him. After undergoing surgery, Aram returns home with memory problems caused by his illness – he remembers some things but has forgotten others. His family steps in to care for him, but they also occasionally exploit his memory lapses for their own gain.

Meanwhile, the son of their neighbors, Sako, returns from abroad to Armenia with his wife Roza. Both families hope to separate Aram’s daughter, Lilit, from her love Alex, in order to arrange a marriage with Sako. They also take advantage of Aram’s memory issues in their schemes.

Adding to the chaos, a clever and well-read young man from the opposite building falls in love with Aram’s daughter, Arpi, and makes various attempts to win her heart.