Agapi was born in Armenia, in the Madan Village, Alaverdi region, where the Greek Pontians lived for a long time. Agapi was taken from Armenia when he was six years old. He lives in Greece for twenty years with his mother and stepfather, whom he loves like a relative. Agapi doesn’t remember much from her childhood, but she always has the same image in her dreams: she and her mother are running away from her father. Due to providence, Agapi meets an Armenian boy and comes to Armenia. In Armenia, Agapi tries to go to the village where she was born, to see and know her relatives, to find her father’s grave. Every new step is a new discovery for Agapi. Agapi begins to understand that she has been lied to all her life, that her childhood is not like what her mother told her, but her dreams, which she was afraid of.