30 Artsat

It seems that a new phase is beginning in Lilith’s life, the difficulties are over and she is about to marry Rob. The situation is arranged in such a way that Lilith, in order to pay her brother’s debts, takes such a step, as a result of which she loses Rob. Rob doesn’t listen, doesn’t believe Lilith. Injured, Lilit agrees and marries Ephraim, who has been in love with her for a long time, and Ephraim dies at night on the same day. Lilith is accused of murder, and Rob’s mother, having decided to get rid of Lilith for good, pays Lilith’s mother to testify against Lilith in court. A mother betrays Lilith to save her son. For two years in prison, Lilith tries to understand why her mother sold her for thirty pieces of silver, as her grandmother wrote in her last letter. Lilit gets out of prison and decides to take revenge on the people who betrayed her.