PanArmenian is the leading media group in Armenia which owns and operates Armenia TV, ATV, ArmNews, LAV Radio, Radio JAN, NANE Magazine and TV Mall Newspaper.

Our goal is to provide fresh, rich content to Armenian viewers around the globe. PanArmenain is now airing its programs in the U.S. and is attracting more viewers due to the high quality and diversity of its television shows.

We provide program variety that is unmatched by any other Armenian TV station in the U.S. With plenty of appealing programs and premiers, this is the ultimate viewing experience for the Armenian audience.

This is PanArmenian TV!

Who We Are ?

Armenia TV launched in 1999, Armenia TV’s studios cover an area of 450,000 square feet, from which 250,000 square feet are occupied by state-of-the art film and recording studios and administrative offices. A five-hundred-strong team works tirelessly as one to provide highest quality content to the viewers. Armenia TV was the first in the region to offer a new, higher quality image by switching to HD broadcast. One of the major projects undertaken by Armenia TV was “Ford Boyard” launched in 2009. The very same year Armenia TV presented other popular international television formats such as “Deal or no Deal” and “Minute to win it” to its ever growing audience. Last but not least, in November 2012, Armenia TV launched the “Voice of Armenia” which has gained instant popularity and continues to air till present.

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ATV is the family TV! Relatively young, ATV has already established itself as one of Armenia’s leading television companies. It airs a number of exceptional programs that include Armenia’s number one show called “Kisabats Lusamutner” (Half Open windows), which investigates wide variety of social issues and offers solutions to the individuals who suffer due to unresolved social and/or personal problems. This show is all about the realities of everyday life. ATV’s television series have already captured the attention hundred’s of thousands of viewers. With its original scripts, carefully selected cast and crew and cutting edge technologies, ATV brings a new quality to TV series.
ArmNews is Armenia’s top news source for past 10 years bringing local and world news to the viewers in Armenia and Armenian Diaspora around the globe. ArmNews is currently implementing seventeen projects covering a vast array of topics such as showbiz, sports, health, politics, business, economy, information technology and more. ArmNews employs a team of highly qualified journalists and hosts who work tirelessly to bring the most unbiased and trustworthy news to the viewers.
Publishing House is a printing powerhouse that publishes one of most popular weekly magazines called “TV Mall”. The magazine’s thirty two vibrantly decorated pages cover plenty of entertainment news and also television schedules. “NANE” is yet another exceptional magazine dedicated exclusively to women. “NANE”’s enthusiastic team also produces a TV show called after the magazine. It is a thirty minute talk show which often has top Armenian celebrities as guests.
Lav Radio and “Radio Jan” are two leading radio stations owned and operated by Pan Armenian. “Lav Radio” plays different styles such as pop, rock, jazz and more, whereas “Radio Jan” is specializing in traditional Armenian music. These two radio stations successfully cater to the needs of all types of listeners, regardless of their sex and age.
Online video is growing faster than most other advertising formats and mediums. With over 5 million pageviews a month Armlook TV portal is largest Armenian TV portal in the world, our network expands to thirrd party websites who are embed- ing our videos on their website, in canse if you wish to advertise on highest rated Armenian shows on the web.

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